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Washtenaw Plumbing and Heating is a small family owned and operated business (LLC), based out of Saline, MI, serving the greater Washtenaw County area. The business was founded by Scott Perry in 1989. Later in the summer of 2015 the business was sold to employee Martin Crisp. Martin has lived and worked in Washtenaw county for the past 36 years.

We believe what this business is really about is serving you, the customer. Our first goal is for our customers at the end of each job, to know that we gave our all to meet their plumbing needs. We want each customer to feel like they could refer us to friends and family because you are our greatest advertisement! Thank you!


  • Water Heater Repair & Installation
  • Boiler Repair & Installation
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Water Piping Repair & Installation
  • Troubleshooting Leaks/Clogs -- Sinks, Toilets, Faucets, Bathtubs, Sewer Pipes
  • Plumbing Fixtures Repair, Replacement, & Installation
  • Kitchen Renovation


I was amazed by how they were able to price everything out beforehand on the phone, and how they stuck with the price they quoted. No added amount for taxes or fees or anything! They do a good job of working through the numbers with you in the beginning so that you wouldn't be surprised at what you have to pay later on.  I had them replace a laundry room faucet and a bathroom tub/ shower faucet and shower head though the bathroom faucet job wasn't so easy (woork needed to be done at the very edge of the access panel opening), they did everything efficiently and quickly. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Ching-shih Yang.

January 27, 2013

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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