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Regular rates equate to $128/ hr.

First Three Hours

    In-Town Trip Charge:

    • $45
    • TRIP

    15 minute labor rate:

    •  $32
    • 15 MIN

    Fourth Hour Onwards

    • Time and a Half
    • Weekends


    Jobs within the city or township limits of Ann Arbor, Saline, Pittsfield, Lodi or York are considered "In-Town" jobs and qualify for an "In-Town" trip charge as above.  Jobs outside of these areas are charged for "Out of Town" travel as in the chart below.

    Out of Town Time Billing / Rates

    • Within County

      • Time begins when the serviceman leaves the "In-Town" area, and ends when the job is finished.
    • Outside County

      • Time begins when the serviceman crosses the county line, and ends when the serviceman is estimated to cross back into the county.

    After Hour Rates

    5pm-12am - Time and a half
    12am-8AM - Double Time

    12am-8am - Double Time
    8AM - 8PM - Time and a half

    8 PM (previous night)-12AM - Double Time



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